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This is the personal blog of Joshua Breitbart. The opinions posted here do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization, though I’m a pretty up front guy so if they hired or published me they probably knew what they were getting into.

Joshua Breitbart is the Policy Director for People’s Production House where he directs the Digital Expansion Initiative. He advises elected officials and civil society on Internet policy through his work as a principal of The Ethos Group. He is on the board of Allied Media Projects, which hosts the annual Allied Media Conference, the premier national gathering of community media.

Joshua speaks regularly at industry gatherings, official hearings, public events, and media conferences, often to explain what the people in each place don’t understand about the goings-on at the other places. He is the leading independent expert on Wireless Philadlephia, the nation’s foremost municipal wireless initiative. His report, The Philadelphia Story: Learning from a Municipal Wireless Pioneer, was published by The New America Foundation in February 2008.

From 2000-2005, Josh helped organize the global Indymedia movement, nurturing Independent Media Centers throughout the United States, in South America, and in Africa. As a member of the NYC IMC and an editor of indymedia.org, he helped coordinate coverage of major events, including the 2004 Republican National Convention, the worldwide antiwar protests of February 15, 2003, and September 11th. He was a founder of Brooklyn’s Rooftop Films, now one of the largest film festivals in New York and definitely the most enjoyable, and from 2001-2004, he worked with Clamor Magazine as a Consulting Editor.

Josh writes about media and technology at A Civil Defense and in a monthly column for Gotham Gazette. He can be reached through email at joshua@ethoswireless.com or on the phone at the People’s Production House office.

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