Slingshot Hip Hop showing in NYC

New Yorkers: Your first chance to see Slingshot Hip Hop:

Slingshot Hip Hop is the highly-anticipated documentary about Palestinian hip hop. It premiered recently at Sundance to standing ovations. I had the opportunity to see the finished film in Oakland recently.

It was eye opening for me, as it will be for anyone who has not witnessed or experienced the brutality of Israeli occupation. Beyond that, it is one of the best documentaries on hip hop I have seen. It deftly captures the relationship between the violence of everyday life and music as a form of nonviolent resistance. I look forward to the impact this movie will have on the world.

Jackie Salloum, director of Slingshot Hip Hop, was a keynote speaker at Allied Media Conference 2006. She discussed her experience making the film and later showed clips of the work in progress. If Slingshot Hip Hop is the kind of media you want to learn more about, register for Allied Media Conference 2008.



  1. in the dark said

    i’d like to see ms. salloum make a public comment about accusations that this film contains footage stolen from another filmmaker. if that is true, its not the kind of media i want to know more about.

  2. And I’d like to see a troll like yourself leave some contact information along with your vague insinuations, but if that’s not how you roll, then I doubt I would want to see you at the AMC.

  3. Yeah, I think I’m going to check this documentary out. I definitely believe hip-hop can be used as nonviolent resistance – and this situation is a perfect test case.

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