The business of disregarding privacy

This article in yesterday’s New York Times, Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry reminded me that I never posted a link to my last Gotham Gazette article on the current battles at the intersection of technology and policy.

The article grows out of what I wrote about here following my first GG article, the telcos push for immunity for participating in illegal spying, and the case of Warshak v US, which could for the first time apply the Fourth Amendment to remotely-stored emails and personal files.

One quick note on the topic of immunity for telco corporations that broke the law at the behest of the executive branch. I would almost be willing to accept the argument that they were just following orders and shouldn’t be liable for the government’s overreaching – if anyone in the government was being held accountable for the illegal spying. But the civil cases against the telcos are the best chance we have of bringing any of this to light, so we need to do what we can to see that they move forward.

My next article, coming out this week, will look at the various wi-fi projects underway in New York City.


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  1. dave said


    you are so up on so much. do you have any insights or opinions on MOVE? as you know, they are up for parole in april (after 30 long, innocent years!). if not paroled this year, they may have to serve 70 more f-ing years. DA linn abraham has asked the parole board to max them out (full 100 year, LIFE SENTENCES). they realy need to come home to philly this year Josh. and they really, really need a new fair trial. if you want to brush up on thier history and the current situation, check this out:

    anyhow, it would be beyond FAB if you could do something about & for them on your blog before the last week of March. hearings begin in early april & we NEED public pressure – calls & letters to the PA Parole Board.

    would love to hear your thoughts. this case touches on SO many issues: housing, racism, free speech, alternative living, police, prisons, justice, militarism, animal rights, water rights, spirituality and Nature, etc.

    and it is happening right now. it is philly, american, & global history unfolding before us as i see it. can you stir up calls & letters to the Parole Board by the end of March?

    Peace all ways,


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