Audio from the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks

As I promised yesterday, here is some audio from the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks.

I recorded three sessions:

Holistic Planning & Deployment of Wireless Networks


Shaping the Research Agenda for Municipal and Community Wireless Networks and Access to Broadband


Economics of Community Wireless Networks in Developing Countries


You can follow the links (click where it says ODEO) to see the session descriptions. Of the three, I recommend listening to the “Holistic Planning & Deployment of Wireless Networks” session. In that session, Michael Maranda from Chicago, Peter Fleck from Minneapolis, Robin Chase from Boston and Dana Spiegel and Michael Lewis from New York City each discuss their city’s respective projects.

I went through the trouble of pulling out Robin Chase’s comments from that session because the Boston story, which I blogged about last year when the city’s task force released their report, remains a severely underreported success story in the municipal field.

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As I wrote in my article on the summit,

The Open Air Boston request for information describes a non-profit network owner that only provides wholesale access, but that does so in such a way that there is practically no barrier to entry for retail service or application providers. (When the portion of the Boston RFI emphasizing the desire for an open source solution was read out loud before the breakout sessions on Sunday, the audience broke into applause.)

The price target for service on the Boston network is $10-15 a month, which they believe they can get to precisely by cutting out the money grubbing cablecos and telcos.

The deadline for responses to the RFI is this Friday, so you better get cracking.


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