Report from the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks

My article on the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks has been published to the GovTech Digital Communities site. Check it out.

I definitely wanted to talk about the international-ness of the conference (it used to be the National Summit for Community Wireless Networks) and the growing attention to municipal broadband projects. And CALEA is the most under-reported story in the field, so I had to give a summary of the summary we heard at the summit.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk about the devices the wireless geeks were playing with at the summit. I couldn’t be everywhere at once and hardware is a hard thing to give an overview on. The gist is that our future devices will look something like a souped-up cell phone: a portable device that will have ultra-lightweight projectors for screen and keyboard.

Andrew Greig, from Koolu, who showed off his hardware the instant I sat down across from him at the dinner table, was saying that the World Health Organization has labeled keyboards as the number one vehicle for disease transmission. I can’t confirm that, but I can confirm that the virtual keyboards are pretty cool.

We also saw one of the “$100 laptops” (now going for about $150), though we didn’t get to see it in action. Île sans fils was showing off Wi-Fi Dog, which is actually an application, but they were showing how to install it on wireless routers. One summiteer showed me a device for getting into closed networks like ones at airports, which was pretty cool (though not quite as cool as this new doohickey).

Audio from the Summit.



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  2. P Fleck said

    Hi Josh,

    Koolu photo (with projected keyboard) here:

  3. Mark Baard said

    Thanks, for showing us some of what we missed!

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