Call for Submissions: AMC Art Show at Wayne State

The AMC is really thriving on grassroots support. Folks in SEMI are throwing benefit shows (thanks, Josh!) and organizing art exhibitions, like the upcoming Representation vs. Reality show at Wayne State. See below, via Nadia  at No Snow Here:


We are seeking submissions based on the broad theme of media representations (and misrepresentations).

Any and all mediums are encouraged, including (but not limited to) 2 &3- dimensional artworks, performance, music and writing.

Submission deadline is Friday, April 13th. E-mail submissions (jpegs, descriptions and/or text) to

Work must be dropped off by Thursday, April 26th.

The exhibition will take place Saturday, April 28th at
Wayne State’s Student Run Gallery in Old Main.

The Allied Media Conference will be held on the campus of Wayne State University June 22-24, 2007.


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