Audio from the Broadband Advisory Committee Hearing

The New York City Broadband Advisory Committee held its first public hearing last Friday in the Bronx. If you missed it, Kat Aaron filed this short but comprehensive report for WBAI.

If you’d like to listen to the whole hearing (or almost all of it; we ran out of tape at the very end), you can check it out here. It’s about 3 hours long.

The Committee’s blog has some info from the hearing, like this testimony from a Bronx teacher who discusses the urgent need to expand students’ access to the Internet.

I posted my written testimony here yesterday. I recited a condensed version to the Committee, which you can hear here.

In my testimony, I spoke more to the process more than to the presumed outcome. From seeing how it has gone down in Philadelphia, I know that the challenge is to address the clear and urgent need for high-speed Internet access without selling ourselves short. The only way to do this is to keep all of the doors open and address all of the city’s challenges collectively and comprehensively.

I’ll post more info and analysis from the hearing in the coming days.

The next hearing of the New York City Broadband Advisory Committee will be in Brooklyn and is tentatively scheduled for mid-May.


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