Jobs, jobs, and more media activism jobs

People’s Production House is hiring. And we’re not the only ones.

The PPH position is for a community organizer working on our Digital Expansion Initiative. We’ll be working together, though I don’t know if that’s a plus or a minus. The goal of the project is to work with PPH’s community partners to define and campaign for meaningful broadband access in New York City.

Here’s the job description:

PPH is hiring a community organizer to spearhead a citywide campaign on a key media policy issue. The organizer will plan the campaign, reach out to community partners, develop materials, and educate partner organizations and their members. You will work closely with our Media Policy Director [that’s me!], taking the research and studies produced by PPH and working them into the campaign and helping translate the needs and desires of our community partners into policy demands. No prior knowledge of media policy issues is required, but a distinct willingness to learn them is critical! We are looking for an awesome and experienced community organizer who can appreciate how important media policy issues are for low-income communities and communities of color, and can help us build momentum around media issues in New York City. We expect the world to be a different place as a result of your work here.

If you’re interested, send a cover letter stating why you want the job and what connection you see between media and community organizing, along with a resume to

More than 15 other job announcements below…

For those of you looking to do some media-based community organizing in Philadelphia, check out this opportunity to be the WPEB Community Radio Start-Up Coordinator.

The job will be housed at the Prometheus Radio Project, but from what I understand the coordinator will be working with a broad coalition of community groups in West Philly. WPEB is a one-watt FM station, recently acquired by Scribe Video Center working in collaboration with Prometheus Radio Project and the Philadelphia Independent Media Center. Working on WPEB s a pretty incredible opportunity to help secure new, vibrant communications infrastructure in a major city.

In Detroit, the well-regarded union activist newspaper Labor Notes is hiring for an Administrative Director and a One Year Conference Organizer Position.

On the west coast, Youth Media Council is hiring an Operations & Finance Director and a Grassroots Media Activism Program Coordinator.

And for those looking to live in Northampton, Massachusetts, or Washington, DC, check out the ten (count ’em – 10) positions available with Free Press.

Lastly, the nascent Right to the City Alliance – a collective effort by over 20 urban base-building organizations to develop a common frame and approach to unify our diverse struggles for housing, social wages, public space, and culture – is hiring a National Organizer. It’s not a media job, but it seems like a good gig so I figured I’d toss it in. For that one, send a cover letter, resume, salary history and three references along with your daytime phone number to Gilda Haas at

From what I hear, there will be more jobs on the horizon in the media organizing field. So sharpen those resumes and stay tuned.



  1. To clarify on the WPEB job — Prometheus won’t be housing the staffer who works to bring WPEB on the air. This staffer can expect to work closely with Prometheus, especially with Siyade Gemechisa and Andy Gunn, our volunteer-and-events and technical organizers, respectively, as the station gets closer to coming online. It’s a really excellent opportunity to bring tight relationships with West Philadelphia community leaders, and organizing initiatives across the city, together for a rare chance at free speech on Philly’s airwaves. I am looking forward to watching and helping this station be born.

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