“Trinity of the Holy Coasts” in Oakland (AMC Represent)

Allied Media Conference contributors Invincible and Climbing PoeTree will be part of the “Trinity of the Holy Coasts,” a remarkable multi-genre performance event in Oakland this weekend. You’ll see many other AMC organizers, contributors, and participants there, as well. It’s exactly the kind of collaborative efforts the AMC is all about. You do not want to miss it.

Here are the details…


Trinity Of The Holy Coasts

Brooklyn + Detroit + Oakland

A Night That Will Unite The Nation – One Night Only!!!

Trinity of the Holy Coasts (image by Alixa and Naima

In a move that is sure to make mountains tremble in the world of hip hop and launch a new era of tri-coastal artist collaboration, the most daring up and coming artists in the country have come together for a single event. Artists from Brooklyn, Detroit, and Oakland will bring together East, West, and Midwest into a blazing hot showcase of pure talent.WHAT: “Trinity of the Holy Coasts” a night of multi genre performances that will rock our world.

WHEN: Saturday, March 17th,

WHERE: House of Stormz / 1439 105th Avenue / Oakland, California

COST OF ENTRY: $5-10 sliding scale


  • Alixa & Naima a.k.a. Climbing PoeTree (representing Brooklyn)
  • Invincible (of Anomolies/bling47) and
  • Ri Ri Garcia, (both repping Detroit)
  • Tru Bloo (of NaR),
  • PLUS DJ Emancipacion (soul sistah’s kitchen/the W) and
  • DJ Black Ndalight (soul sistah’s kitchen, Dream EZ) (all holding down Oakland)
  • Hosted by Oakland’s Micia Mosely, comedienne extraordinaire.

    Alixa and Naima – A tattoo artist from Colombia and a gymnast from the back roads of Massachusetts, their powers combined they are the Heart Beat Soul Sister Artist Warrior duo “Climbing PoeTree.” Alixa and Naima have blazed stages from Oakland to Atlanta, South Africa to Cuba. They have led workshops in institutions from Cornell University to Rikers Island. And they have painted murals on walls from the Bronx, to Santiago, to Jamaica. Climbing PoeTree uses their art to expose injustice, heal from violence, and generate vision to help us all.

    Ri Ri Garcia – Redefining the word “remix”, Mariaelena “RiRi” Garcia is a renaissance woman: indeed. A vocalist, lyricist, drummer, producer and DJ, Ms. Garcia’s multi-talents have taken her to many stages. She has played for thousands at such places as the legendary Nectarine Ballroom (now called The Necto) in Ann Arbor, Michigan and most recently at the 2006 San Francisco Pride Celebration. Truly mastering the technique of “Reading the Crowd”, earning the moniker, “Rimarkable”, her style can range from everything to Dusty Grooves, New Wave, Deep House, even Polka, and to the dirtiest Hip-Hop. “If it’s got a beat, I WILL make you dance,” she says.

    Invincible – Detroit based emcee Invincible scripts lyrics to communicate both personal experience and a desire to affect social change. Through her clear delivery, witty wordplay, and conceptual songwriting she reminds listeners, you dont have to choose between style and substance. Though several labels tried to sign her, Invincible forewent the easy way to a record deal, taking the independent route, and in the hoopla XXL dubbed her “Every A&Rs Worst Nightmare” in a 2002 feature. 1/5th of the all female hiphop collective- Anomolies crew, she has appeared on the critically acclaimed Platinum Pied Pipers “Triple P” album, and most recently returned from a European tour with Bahamadia and Stacy Epps. Splitting her time between community work, youth organizing, and constant touring, Invincible is recording her debut solo EP coming out in 07, and full length album through Bling47.

    Tru Bloo – As a young Arab-American, poetry and songwriting became a significant outlet for Tru Bloo. She began performing at open mics at age 15, addressing various issues of societal discrimination. As the years passed, she became painfully conscious of both the beauty and hardship of being a queer and gender-variant Arab-American. In 2002, Tru Bloo started doing hip hop shows in the Bay Area, New Orleans, and Chicago. In late 2004, she met Bennu, her partner in lyricism, and they formed NaR. This creation was to be the first-ever queer Arab hip hop duo. (NaR says, “We give props to the queer palestinian-hawaiian artist Juha, who came before us.”) Their lyrical acrobatics come with honesty, rage, and healing. Tru Bloo is also an attorney who represents the local poor and homeless population in San Francisco, in order to obtain disability benefits.

    DJ Emancipacion

    DJ Black ndalight


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