An interview with Clamor’s Jen Angel and Jason Kucsma

WireTap has just published an interview I conducted with Jen and Jason, founders and publishers of Clamor Magazine. We did the interview after they decided to close the magazine but before Sky Bank seized the remaining parts of the business.

One of the things that comes across in the interview is what an intimate project it was – how many people who connected to it had a direct interaction with the publishers; how personal the articles were; and also how tied it was to the life and thoughts and community surroundings of the publishers. I guess it was like any good zine in that way, but with 1000 people contributing art and articles for it and tens of thousands reading it.

I also wrote an introduction to the interview putting it in context personally, politically, and culturally. The intro is only a little melancholy:

“… There was always a sense that maybe it would go on forever. Publishing a national magazine out of Bowling Green, Ohio, with a staff of two people was such a big accomplishment on its own that anything seemed possible.”

Read the interview.

(Also, congratulations to WireTap on their recent hire of Tomas Palermo, formerly of XLR8R magazine, as a new editor! Look forward to more fun and excitement from WireTap in the coming months.)


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  1. Chris said

    I’m glad this interview is up, and especially glad that Jen’s own reflections are online. Not surprisingly, the Clamor retrospective looks great. Amazing design, right up til the end.


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