NCMR: Saturday afternoon…

A little wiped out from the early morning Media Democracy Fund breakfast (7:30 amd) followed by the panel I was on (9:00 am), I’m not taking as detailed notes as I was yesterday.

The Funding Exchange’s Media Justice Lunch was enjoyable. There were 100 or so people there, they went around and had everyone introduce themselves. Then we played a quick ice-breaker game of media bingo, hosted by MAG-Net (Media Action Grassroots Network).

We heard two stories – from New Orleans and from PCUN (Piñeros y Campesinos Unidos Noroeste). That was great, but I wish we could heave heard a bit about the local situation. There were folks in the room from the Concerned Citizens of Crump Neighborhood Association and other groups dealing with the longstanding, cancerous, racist, toxic pollution from the Velsicol plant.

Now I’m at “Make the Music with Your Mouth, Kid: Hip-Hop Activism for Media Accountability.” Davey D’s talking about “operational unity.” Instead of just complaining about BET not doing this or Hot 97 not playing that, find the people that are playing it on their website, public access show, or whatnot and help them get to the next level.

Davey and Rosa Clemente both referenced history quite a bit – Frederick Douglass, Robert Williams, Ida B. Wells, Martin Luther King. That’s making me excited for Deepa Fernandes’s plenary speech since I think she’s going to connect some of that history to today and this conference.

I guess this is a good time to plug this musical response to the shooting of Sean Bell.


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