NCMR Blog Aggregator and Chatroom at the new AMC site

Free Press asked everyone to tag their blog posts, podcasts, photos, and video with NCMR2007 for people to follow along. You can see the results at Technorati.

We’re using the new Allied Media Conference site (still being tweaked) to offer a slightly more focused NCMR blog aggregator.

We’re also hosting an NCMR chatroom for the duration of the conference. Here’s the one for today. You can use it as a guest or register for the site.
When the site’s done, all users will be able to set up aggregators and chatrooms, plus some other nifty things. Thanks, Steve for hooking it up!

(Come hear Steve talk about the importance of not relying on sites like YouTube and flickr tomorrow, Saturday, at 9:00 am in the Chickasaw/Mississippi room when we discuss “Owning Our Own Media Infrastructure.”)


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