Agnes Martin: With My Back To The World

For those people staying in NYC this weekend, I wanted to offer a suggestion: Agnes Martin: With My Back To The World is showing at the Film Forum.

With My Back to the World

Agnes Martin painted concepts. I’m not the biggest art afficionado in the world, and Agnes Martin’s work is particularly challenging, but I saw an early version of this film and it’s great. It matches Martin’s fortitude and solitude.

The film’s director, Mary Lance (who also happens to be my ex-stepmother), will be at the Film Forum on Friday for a Q&A.


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  1. Madeline Warren said

    I’m assisting a woman, Kristi Rea and RubyRed Productions, in filming a documentary about the artist Elizabeth Murray. Kristi is trying to watch as many documentaries on artists as possible in order to get some ideas for her own. She loved Mary’s film on Agnes Martin, and would like to get in touch with Mary to discuss her filming techniques, etc. Is there an email address or any contact information you can give me to help us reach Mary Lance?
    Thanks so much,
    Madeline Warren
    Assistant to Kristi Zea of RubyRed Productions (Producer and Production Assistant of many major motion pictures, including the Golden Globe winner “The Departed”)

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