The Fourth Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference: Media and Movements Beyond Borders

Registration opens today for the fourth annual New York City Grassroots Media Conference, which will be held Saturday February 24, 2007, at New School University.

This is the best example I know of a local media conference and one of the most vibrant days in the whole media activism calendar. While appealing to people from throughout the northeast, it does an excellent job bringing the city’s diverse independent media together and framing our work in the context of a global movement for justice.

Here’s more from the website:

This Year’s Theme: Media and Movements Beyond Borders

Media and Movements Beyond BordersGrassroots struggles for justice are usually rooted in their geographic locations. Yet—from police brutality on the streets of Queens to government repression in the plazas of Oaxaca; from homelessness and displacement in the Bronx to the rise of slums in Lagos; from hunger and poverty in East New York to famine in Kenya; from wiretapping and police surveillance in our communities and military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan—there are apparent connections in the ways people all over the world negotiate and counter similar forms of oppression and injustice.

This year, the NYC Grassroots Media Conference seeks to ask: What are the common threads inherent in our global struggles for social change and how does the media contribute to our understanding of the root causes of injustices faced by world communities? From educating ourselves and our government leaders to spreading our messages and recruiting broader and more diverse constituencies into our campaigns, media is central to the struggle for social justice. Therefore, the fight for better access to and representation in the media is essential for advancing peace and justice both at home and abroad.

Join us for the 4th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference as we explore these connections and strategies and work together to demand a media system that will link ourdiverse communities, connect local and international struggles, and fight for social justice across boundaries and beyond borders.

You can get involved by submitting workshop proposals (deadline 1/15 and adherence to the political framework of the conference is very important), submitting film or artwork (deadline 2/2), advertising in the program (by 2/2), reserving a table (by 2/2), volunteering, or simply attending (early registration until 2/22). The conference is Saturday, February 24.


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