Let them eat wi-fi

Wireless Philadelphia is having a $200-a-ticket soiree tonight for the richest Philadelphians to celebrate the imminent launch of Earthlink’s network, which is supposed to benefit the poorest Philadelphians. Becca Vargo Dagget tears this unfortunate irony apart in her most recent post, “‘Let them eat wi-fi.'”



  1. revmanny said

    great link, but i think she woulda really tore into them with two or three shots her… hey, .. i’m just saying, with all that… i still feel like she was pulling some punches…

  2. That’s hilariously depressing. I knew that the Wireless Philadelphia had lost its standing as a “well intentioned effort to get more people on-line”, but I didn’t know that they’d reached such ridiculously low depths.

    On the other hand, I imagine we can use them as a poster-child for why their kind of setup doesn’t really work.

    Thanks for linking to this.

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