Heads up: NYPD renews its attack on our right to assemble

Over the summer, I deviated from my normal focus on media to alert you to an attempt by the NYPD to implement laws on public assembly that would turn New York into Singapore on the Hudson.

Or maybe public assembly is a kind of media. The friends of Brad Will are certainly trying to use it to distribute information with a lunchtime bike ride tomorrow, November 1, starting at 40th Street and the West Side Highway.

Anyway, thanks to a public eruption of opposition to the laws, they withdrew the proposal. But that didn’t change the fact that the police have no business writing laws. That should be up to a legislature, like City Council.

Now they’re at it again with the same police state principles but slightly revised numbers. A public hearing – which the NYPD can disregard, but is still important – is scheduled for November 27.

With many of the city’s most committed activists focused on the death of our friend Brad Will and the crisis in Oaxaca, it would be easy to let a major threat to civil liberties in New York City go unopposed. Luckily, we have Assemble for Rights NYC.

That coalition is proposing a sensible set of assembly regulations called the NYC First Amendement Act, which fulfills NYCLU’s recommendation to remove permitting authority from the NYPD.

The NYC First Amendement Act is based on the Washington, DC, assembly rules that our friends won through multiple lawsuits and hearings after their city’s shameful policing of protests like A16 (World Bank) and J20 (Bush first inauguration).

Here’s what A4R and I are asking you to do:

  1. Contact Your City Councilor Today
    Tell them to back the NYC First Amendment Act. You can get your city councilor’s phone number here
  2. Contact City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
    Tell her to support the NYC First Amendment Act. This is very important!
    Phone: (212) 788-7210
  3. Contact Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    Dial 311 and send him a letter.
  4. Register To Testify at The Nov 27th Public Hearing
    The NYPD is hosting a public hearing at 1 Police Plaza, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the 1st floor auditorum. Send written notice to:Assistant Deputy Commissioner Thomas P. Doepfner
    New York City Police Department
    1Police Plaza, Room 1406
    New York, NY 10038
  5. Spread The Word
    Tell your friends about this issue! Blog about it, email it, link to this site.


  1. thanks for this josh.

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  5. karl roenfanz ( rosey ) said

    aren’t all government employees supposed to uphold the constitution? i took an oath to when i was a gov-emp. isn’t nyc part of the u.s.? even a lawyer should be able to understand the constitution.

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