Follow-up on NCMR tips

I got some positive feedback on my post from yesterday offering some tips for the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) scholarship application, which is due November 6. Only one person said “thanks, but no thanks.”
A friend had what I think is a great idea: ask everyone to publish their applicant statement.

I don’t know if everyone would want to, but even if some do it might help initiate the kind of broader discussions we need – exactly the kinds of discussions that are hard to have at conferences because it takes the whole weekend just to figure out where each person is coming from.

I’d suggest doing it on a personal blog. And if you don’t have one, start one for this purpose. (Here’s some suggestions on starting a blog and some explanation of why I think it’s useful.)

If you use “tags,” tag your post with NCMR or link back to this post. Either one will make it easier to collect the statements that people decide to publish.

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