One of those days…

Today is one of those days when I feel very fortunate to do the work I do.

I’m getting ready to leave San Antonio, where I’ve just spent a few incredible days getting to know the city and the people here. I’ve been attending Ladyfest, hosted by the wonderful people at the Texas Media Empowerment Project and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.

It’s a real privilege to be able to come to a new city and right away be able to hear about Esperanza’s 20 years of history and their newsletter, La Voz, from Graciela Sanchez and Gloria Ramírez; to engage in discussions about Chicana/Xicana Feminism from local thinkers; and to learn about inspiring local media projects like 411 Productions and Al-Ittihaad. Thank you, Ladyfest organizers.

I’m only bummed that I’ll be missing the closing night party that will bring together some of my favorite performers repping for my favorite cities: San Antonio locals Yoshimoto, Invincible from Detroit, and Climbing PoeTree from Brooklyn. Damn.

Now I get to fly to Minneapolis, put on my long underwear, and discuss digital inclusion with folks like Becca Dagget, Sascha Meinrath, Michael Maranda, and Esme Vos at the MuniWireless conference. Thanks in advance to my hosts and the organizers there.


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