Ownership Matters

The FCC is actually reconsidering its rules on ownership as we speak. Basically, the FCC would allow one company to control an even larger share of a local or the national market than it already allows. It would also remove a prohibition, sometimes waived, against one company owning a daily newspaper and a broadcast outlet in a single market.
The largest media corporations, like Time Warner, News Corp, and Disney, seem blase about the current process. The main beneficiaries would be

For New Yorkers, if you want to learn more about it and speak to the Democratic members of the FCC, there is apparently a public hearing on media ownership at 6 pm, on Thursday, October 19, at Hunter College, hosted by the National Hispanic Media Coalition. I’ll provide more details as they come in; that event has not been highly publicized yet.

NHMC and many others are more focused for now on the official FCC hearings in Los Angeles. Those hearings will be in two parts on October 3: one in the middle of the day at USC with bigwigs and perhaps the corporate media and the other in El Segundo in the evening after working people get out of their jobs.

(Apparently they picked El Segundo not because they were such A Tribe Called Quest fans, but because the brother of one of the Republican commissioners is the mayor. Thanks for that find, Harold.)

If you can’t wait for or get to one of those events, you can submit comments via an online comment form from StopBigMedia.com, the main hub for information on the FCC’s “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.” And NPRM is the official step the FCC takes to open a window for comments ahead of a rule change.

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