The Apple and The Tree

My father just published a pretty remarkable article in the Italian independent film journal Cinemascope. In it, he covers the 125-year cinematic history of work, from Lumière to YouTube, in 15 pages. It’s a story of control and disappearance.

To help you cut through Cinemascope’s in-your-face but unlinkable Flash animation, I’ve posted a pdf of the article here:

My dad has been making documentaries since 1966 when he got out of the Army. He’s currently completing a project on Robert Indiana, a sculptor every Philadelphian should know.

He’s also a great writer and seems to be getting back into it lately. He recently published a piece on the French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville recently in the New England Review: “Call Me Melville.” It’s shorter than the Cinemascope piece and quite accessible even if, like me, you don’t know much about French cinema.

I also recommend his book on the photographs of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, A World on Display. It includes reproductions of many of the photographs he used in his movie on the fair along with a 90-page essay putting them in context.

You can buy the book on Amazon for $50-85, depending on condition. (I guess I should have kept the shrinkwrap on my copy!)

Thanks for writing more, Dad! And a Happy New Year to everyone.



  1. Chris Anderson said

    Hey, this is a great article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. paradox1x said

    Sorry for not keeping up with the news

    There’s lots going on in the world, some terrible, some not. Some outragous, some boring. Some that begs the question,…

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    Just a reminder…

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