Busy Week, Special Day: Welcome to A Civil Defense

This week is going to be awesome maybe. Busy for sure. Today is pretty sweet. I’ll run it down for you (in no particular order of awesome). If you are coming here for the first time, this will serve as an introduction.

Philly Future Featured Blog: Philly Future has named me as their democratically-elected Featured Blog. People voted for me! Thanks! (Philly Future is a great, collaborative project to promote blogging and bloggers citywide.) Thanks also to Katey’s Kafe and TrekMedic251, who were also up for the honor and who I think may have let me win by splitting the red neighborhood vote.

New job #1: Today is my first day as Policy Director for People’s Production House in New York. It’s a half-time position where I’ll be helping them integrate issues of media policy and communications infrastructure into their already-incredible media production and media literacy curriculum. A dream opportunity to work with some of my favorite people.

New job #2: Today is also the soft launch of a redesigned website for which I am now a regular contributor: Digital Communities (I’m on page 2). The audience is primarily information technology administrators in state and local governments and other people in the wireless industry. My first article on the impact of the Philadelphia model on municipal wireless, expanded from this post, will be out soon. This job is a direct result of everyone who encouraged me to blog and write more, so thank you again.

250 and counting: Yesterday, the 250th person used FreeTheFlyers.com to close the Comcast Loophole. That’s the “law” that allows a cable company to withhold its regional sports networks from competitors, a law that only applies to Philadelphia. (Not kidding.) I am now halfway to my goal of 500 comments to deliver to Senator Specter.

I should have picked a date. Now, if we don’t get 500, it looks like a failure. But I know there are 500 people in this town who love the Philly sports teams* but hate Comcast (and have Internet access).

I just need you to help me find them. Fellow Philly Futurists, please blog or link to FreeTheFlyers. For the two weeks that A Civil Defense is featured, I’ll give regular updates on our progress to 500. That will either be exciting or just kind of sad, but at least you’ll have a reason to keep checking in.

By September 29, if we’ve achieved our goal, I’ll take all the comments over to Specter’s Philadelphia office and you are all invited to join me. If we haven’t achieved the goal, I’ll print up bumper stickers and we’ll go from there.

*not counting the Eagles between the hours of 3:00pm and 4:30pm on September 17, 2006.



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