May 24: Day of Out(R)age Against the Phone Companies

Originally planned to protest the closing of the internet, Wednesday's National Day of Out(R)age against Verizon and AT&T has taken on special significance in the wake of the revelation that these companies have illegally aided the NSA's illegal domestic spying program.

While Philadelphia doesn't have any specific plans (that I know of) to join in the protests, I thought I could at least offer my trusted Ed Whitacre impersonation and my brand new Ivan Seidenberg impersonation to the cause.

In the spirit of the AMC audio PSAs, here are PSAs for the Out(R)age protests:

Ed Whitacre
Ed Whitacre

Ivan Seidenberg
Ivan Seidenberg

Kat has added the critically important straightforward pieces, so you can add on the details for:

Mix and match the corporate target with the right city. The files are all easy to download, radio safe, and ready to air.

(Devil ceo photos courtesy Common Cause, "Hands Off My Internet.")


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