Some out of control racism and violence at ClearChannel, where they are offering $500 for information on a 4-year-old girl and talking about sexually assaulting her

The following press release from the office of New York City Council Member John Liu refers to Star of the Star & BucWild show broadcast on Power105 in New York and Power99 in Philadelphia.

This goes beyond even the worst comments I’ve heard from the show before. In the following excerpts taken over the course of five days, Star uses racist and child-sex hate speech to attack a DJ at the other local hip hop station, DJ Envy, and his wife and child.

The fact that this is an attack on a competitor in the market (that was there long before ClearChannel came in, by the way, and is owned by an also-messed up but much smaller corporation) cannot be separated out. That’s why I say it is ClearChannel attacking the Asian American Gia Casey and her four-year-old daughter because they are using them in a capitalist turf war. The corporation must be held responsible; firing Star is not enough.

I’m going to put more of my comments at the bottom because you should read the whole thing:

For Immediate Release
May 9, 2006
Contact: John Choe 646-296-1455
Sent via Internet

*** Media Advisory ***

Council Members to Demand Termination of DJ “Star” from Power 105 Radio Station;
Racist Pedophile Broadcasts Violate Federal Regulations

Council Member John Liu and other elected officials will demand that Mr. Troi Torain (also known as DJ “Star”) be fired immediately from Clear Channel Communications’ Power 105 radio station (105.1 FM) in New York City. The officials will be joined by Ms. Gia Casey, themother of two children whose safety she fears for.

From May 3 through May 8, 2006, Mr. Torain produced and broadcast comments over public airwaves expressing his desire to have sex with, ejaculate on, and urinate on Ms. Casey’s young daughter (age 4). He has also offered $500 to anyone with information about the school that the girl attends.

Ms. Casey has also been the subject of Torain’s slurs against women and Asians. Ms. Casey identifies herself as part-Asian.Taped copies of his remarks will be made available at the newsconference. Excerpts of his broadcasts are provided below.

Wednesday, May 10, 2005 from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

City Hall, Red Room.

Council Members JOHN LIU.

Star: Somebody holla at me and tell me about his whore wife and his kid. 866-678-8270. … Somebody get at me about his whore. Hiswhore wife and his kid, this little ugly ass kid, I hear. Where…where does this kid go to school? I got five hundred bucks for that
information. Somebody email me or gimme a call. Just tell me where his kid goes to school. Let’s see who’s really gully on the microphone. Five hundred dollars, in my pocket, right now. I need toknow the school, this faggot ass nigga, DJ’s kid goes to school.

Star: I’ve got information on DJ Benji, aka… what’s his name again? Envy. I’ve got information on his gook. His baby’s mother.

BucWild: A gook?

Star: Hemp University, uh, cats used to run trains on her. Green BMW… I’ll get to all this in a few minutes.

Star: OH! And I got the information, the school his kid goes to.

[Woman’s voice] Really?

Star: Yeah, I’m savin’ that one. That’s, that’s… That’s the one I’m gonna pull out if I have to. If I have to. Oh yes, I’ll, I’ll comefor your kids. I will come for your kids. I finally got theinformation on his slant eyed, whore wife. The information on his slant eyed, whore wife. Yes. A cat who actually ran a train on her,
contacted me. [chuckle] Allegedly ran a train on her once upon a time. Allegedly. Once upon a time. Ejaculated all over her face,

Star: No, let me just touch on this real quick,But there’s a woman out there right now who pushed out a little lo-mein eater by a DJ down by the sloppy station. I got at this alleged slut whore, heh, and this little half a lo-mein eater. …Yes, I disrespected your seed. If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I wouldlike to tinkle on her.
“Call the cops”? Nigga, please, there’s no bodyguards. I carry the 9. Most of the cats that are with me, have felony convictions, they can’tcarry. I’m disrespectin’ your seed. I would like to skeet on the face
of your seed. Now that’s, that’s real talk dawg. You have to come holla at me now. Call me, I’ll meet you somewhere, but don’t act likeyou were waiting in some parking lot with like 50 niggers. Please.
Now, again, to the woman, who carried that little mongrel for 9months. … I’m coming for your seed. Did you hear me? (*thump, thump,thump* noise) I want to do an R. Kelly in the mouth of your seed fem?
You holla at me now I’m the easiest man in the world to find.
And my name is The Hater. You holla back now, DJ Envy.

Star: Let me see now, uh, DJ Benji attention! In case you didn’t hear me, I said, I want to put some mayonnaise in between your baby girl’s ass crack and take a bite.

This is beyond hate radio. This is a hate corporation. This is a business model that uses racism and sexual assault to gain market share.

The problem here is much bigger than the FCC selectively enforcing obscenity rules based on racism or political favoritism. The problem is one of ownership and accountability. It is only through the kind of massive consolidation of media ownership – epitomized by ClearChannel – that a business could carry on this way.

Everyone in a city with a ClearChannel station (and if you have to ask, that means you) needs to get up on the process to file a license challenge. Here are two models to look at:

In Philadelphia, the Social Action Committee has been organizing against Star & BucWild for the past year. See Bruce Schimmel’s thoughts on the issue.

At the same time that we challenge corporate radio, we need to build up and support community radio. We need local, neighborhood radio stations. We cannot separate ownership and content; we must solve the first problem to address the second.

[read the follow up article on the firing of Star]

[read more articles on Clear Channel]

[listen to what Star said and file a complaint with the FCC]



  1. Jake said

    They fired the guy.,0,2823822.story?coll=ny-entertainment-headlines

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  3. haikushoe said

    The station should be shut down too.

  4. Mr Angry said

    I can’t believe he’s not in jail… I thought you must have been exaggerating until I verified it. This guy is beyond sick – there’s only one way it could turn out and that’s badly for the idiot DJ. Why would he do something so self-destructive? I have a feeling if you checked that studio you’d find cocaine residue.

  5. J. said

    I think the producer Miguel should also be fired, if he hasn’t yet. His excuse for Star’s comments are simply “I make 6 figures”. What a jerk- he needs to get locked up too- lets see who’s going to make those figures now.

  6. DESIREE said


  7. Raymond said

    They should shut down that station. I can’t believe that we have people that want to make money so badly that they will do anything. They should all be put in jail!

  8. Francis said

    Shutting down the station makes no sense, that’s like you getting punished for something your friend said. They should ALL be put in jail? Do you know how many employees work at a radio station that have no involvement in the content? NO company advocates this type of speech, that’s why he no longer works there.

    As someone who works in the industry I can tell you that there are good places to work and bad places within the same company–just any other job, so this shouldn’t be about Clear Channel either, they “took the trash out”.

  9. Francis, you couldn’t be more wrong. Star was not some rogue element working against the grain of the organization. He was their front-and-center, prominent spokesperson who was hired to use violent, racist language to gain attention and listeners. Star’s hatred has been an integral part of ClearChannel’s business model; if we don’t hold them accountable, they’ll insert some other hater into that slot and keep going.

  10. mike said

    Change the station if you do not like what you are hearing. I listen to the show on the regular and they have been using this type of language for a long time. Why now is it such a big deal, I do not condone the use of the word nigga at all. There are too many stupid black, white, spanish, etc saying this word. Where were your delicate sensibilities then, or when you use that word yourself???

  11. Terry Perkins said

    Fine the radio station too. Since they are making the money. They (Clear Channell or whoever) was going to put out a billboard with a white mans tongue in a black man’s ear. Come on?? What does this tell you?? FINE CLEAR CHANNEL TOO.

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  13. Ronald said

    Clear Channel should be ashamed !!! Clear Channel must be held responsible. Firing Star and canceling the show is not enough. Damn… I bet Howard Stern is laughing his ass off right now. I’m no howard Stern Fan. He is a racist but I never heard him talk about raping a four year old !!! Star believed his own press and look at him now. He went out like a chump!

  14. Ronald said

    I wanted to write something in addition to my previouse comment because I felt bad about calling Star a chump. Im not hating on Star. In fact, I’m going to pray for him. The Christian in me is saying “pray for this man because he is sick.” . Think on that. PEACE

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  16. Keri said

    I would like to know how may people that have S**t to say about Star, listened to him every day? Probably NONE, His faithful listeners know he says crap like that everyday, it is part of his show . His listener’s are not offended by his antics because we realize that they are exactly that; antics. To those of you who find his material offensive you have the right to change the station or shut the radio OFF. I know he has been fired from public radio and I look forward to hearing him on Satellite radio, where freedom of speech is maintained.

  17. Robyn said

    Freedom of speech, huh? That’s what everybody that supports Star’s antics claims…some haven’t even read a history book but are quoting the 1st amendment. How would you feel if you were a parent and heard those lude, profane, vile, disgusting diatribe over the airwaves? Would you be comfortable with an individual saying that they want to & will “R.Kelly your seed”? If you would, then you must be sick aswell. There is no problem with speaking your mind, however, when you start to attack people in such a way that they must fear for their lives, well-being or sanity…you should be ashamed! Molestation in any form–even a JOKE–is disgusting and shows the kind of scum a human being really is if they have to use it as a means to get attention or their point across. What has the world come to when there are sickos out there that support this kind of rant…and worse…think it’s FUNNY?!

    I’m thoroughly disgusted and horrified!

  18. niecy said

    hey this cat need to do at least a month or two for his actions itz just wrong for what he said about that little girl she didnt have anything to wit they beef neither did his wife thatz whack dude

  19. Mickey said

    I agree that Stars comments were completely unnecessary and should have never been aired. Most stations have a drop button and I think the true failure was that it was not pushed during this diatribe. I feel bad for DJ ERnvy’s wife and child. However, I must say I agree with some of what the Star supporters are saying. Slurs like these have been gttine used for ever. If we fought the KKK and other rasist organizations with as much vigor and flare as we are Star think of where we could be as a people. Especially in this case where government is steping in to aid and protect DJ Envy’s family. Where was this concern during the David Duke Presidential campaign! Star is the type of person who constanly tests the limits of human tolerance to prove a point. Acting as an individual is the pinnicle of objectiveism and requires a deep belief in ones self. This what Star subscribes to. Objective hate is meant to motivate change and allow people to think as individuals. The more fuel the detesters add to the fire the more you just prove Star’s point.

  20. looloo said

    star and bucwild show was great. i hope that it comes back on xm radio or something. people need to calm down with all the villifying of him. his show is meant to entertain people. and the people who listen to it were entertained quite a bit. id say the vast majority of the listeners of the show may have thought he was taking the dj envy thing a bit far but didnt really care. its not like he is actually going to go out and do any of these things. why people who dont listen to the show should care is beyond me. the show in no way effects the average person as it has no agenda other than to entertain. if you want to be outraged at a radio show focus on a more fitting show like the rush limbaugh show, bill orielly show, or any show that is not on a rap station. i list these two because they unlike star and bucwild have an obvoius agenda that effects the daily lives of everyone through politics. and they constantly spew hateful, shameful rhetoric and blatant lies under the pretense that it is the truth. why waste time with an entertainment show when ones like this exist? star is not a racist or a pedofile or even a voilent man. he just uses these as tools to entertain. and how frequently are these found in other various forms of media? its a shame that they went through the trouble of firing star. im sure all the people who were outraged will be MUCH happier listening to the local urban/hip-hop morning shows that will replace it.

  21. Dholes said

    Didn’t this start with DJ Envy saying something about Star’s mother? You shouldn’t talk about a man’s mother, or his seed. I also question the actions of Mr. Liu in this case. I’d hate see Clear Channel fined after they fired the guy. I am glad to see him go. My opinion of Staff dropped off after his reporting of the death of Aaliyah.

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