A “Save The Internet” PSA Idea

Here's my contribution to Jeff Pulver's Viral Marketing Contest to Save the Internet:

In the browser window you see two screens, both black with the words "click here." Across the top is the question, "Which is the Internet for you?" or something along those lines.

Click on either one the first time and a major corporate website comes up, perhaps one of the phone companies that is lobbying to close the internet: att.com, bellsouth.com, verizon.com. When you click a second time on the left screen, it just sends you through those websites. Maybe also to other big corporations like microsoft.com or aol.com.
When you click a second time on the right screen, something different happens. It splits into four screens with four different websites, maybe foxnews.com, reuters.com, aljazeera.net, dailykos.com. Or maybe myspace.com, youtube,com, campusactivism.org, mtv.com.

Keep clicking on the left screen and it keeps repeating those few sites. Meanwhile, the right side keeps dividing and dividing, with more and more eccentric, niche websites coming up. Eventually the one on the right starts dividing on its own.

Two words fade in below the screens: "closed" below the left screen; "open" below the right screen. Click on "closed" and it takes you to whitehouse.gov. Click on "open" and it takes you to an action portal.

Okay, I admit that idea might not be as snappy as some of the past PSAs I've had a hand in (check this quicktime movie for a somewhat dated sample) but I think it gets across the point of what's at stake. Please come up with a better idea. I absolutely hope this inspires better ideas or that a better idea is out there already in production.

If you're more into a signature-gathering race to save the Internet, check out this contest from MoveOn.


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