Is Comcast Trying to Torpedo the Wireless Deal?

One player who quietly returned to the scene at yesterday’s City Council hearing was Comcast. Their rep was there before the hearing, putting doubts in councilmembers’ ears and handing out two recent news articles:


Word is, Comcast is convening a closed door meeting Monday morning to chat things over with some City Councilmembers or other decisionmakers. I wonder what they’ll say…


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  1. Monday May 1st, 1PM PST

    Watch another hearing in San Francisco on WiFi

    If you cannot attend in person – you may watch cable channel 26 or live video streaming at (select SFGTV)

    There will be an IRC online chatroom setup at:

    chatroom #techconnect
    you can use the chat client here:

    (skipped items 1-6)

    7. 060471 [Municipal Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) Alternatives] Supervisor McGoldrick Request for a hearing to consider creating internet connectivity and data communications through a true municipal network owned an managed by the City and County of San Francisco, including alternatives that were not considered in the current search for a model that would exist beyond ten years time in technology and engineering, would be scalable, is secure and affords privacy, provides community participation and inclusion, technology and network neutrality, manageable interference, cogent engineering, considers technology obsolescence both physical and virtual, considers saturation and field strength among other elements specific to this kind of network. This study would consider current assets including but not limited to existing wireless networks, copper, cable and fiber infrastructures.

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