On the Radio This Morning…

I did a little bit to earn my josh.fm url this morning. I was on WBAI's Wakeup Call news program (99.5 FM in New York City) talking about the Philly wireless plan and the battle for an open internet.

This radio technology is really cool. Someone calls, you speak into the phone for 15 minutes, then it comes out as an mp3 on the Internet. Somewhere in between, it gets broadcast through the air to millions of people. Sweet.

Here's the link to my interview (starts about two-thirds in, at minute 42 or so).

Here are the two websites I mentioned for action on the COPE bill:

I also mentioned the impact this bill could have on municipal broadband projects. As it currently stands, the bill would actually do a good thing by overriding the 15 or 16 state prohibitions on these projects. But even that small ray of sunshine is in danger in today's mark-up session. For details on this, check out Harold Feld's blog, Tales of the Sausage Factory.


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