Wireless Philadelphia Management Services Agreement

There are a lot of contracts in play here in Philadelphia connecting Wireless Philadelphia (WP), the City of Philadelphia (office of the Managing Director and office of the Chief Information Officer, not to mention City Council), the Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development (PAID), and Earthlink (EL).

Some of the relevant documents are up on the Wireless Philadelphia website, including the Wireless Philadelphia Broadband Network Agreement [pdf] with Earthlink. Some aren’t, but have been distributed to members of Council, members of the press, and other important people like that. The most significant of these documents is the Wireless Philadelphia Management Services Agreement [pdf]. The rest deal with the streetlight use – the City authorizing PAID to authorize Earthlink to put up the boxes.

I would appreciate any comments or observations of these agreements from lawyers and wonks and concerned citizens. I’ll be posting my analyses of different parts of the contracts here in the coming days.

The last City Council hearing on the matter is next Thursday, April 20, at 1pm. But Councilman Brian O’Neill, who chairs the technology committee, isn’t sure there will be a vote then. According the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Among the details O’Neill still wants settled: who pays for the electric power for the wireless transceivers that run the system, and how Council can weigh in on any future changes to the agreement with EarthLink.”


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